Cavity Ringdown Mirror Specifications

CRD Optics offers ultra-high reflectivity mirrors for use in Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy and other optical cavity applications over a wide wavelength range. We have a stock supply of both mirrors and mirror mounting hardware which can be used to adapt user supplied gas cells or vacuum systems for use as Cavity Ringdown cavities. Custom optics, wavelength coatings, and hardware can be provided on request. CRD Optics can also provide assistance with coating requirements for specific applications.

Our mirrors are produced using the highest optical quality super-polished surfaces to eliminate scatter losses. The coatings are optimized for specific wavelength ranges and are designed to provide the highest reflectivity possible. The rear face of each optic is typically AR coated to reduce secondary reflections. Mirror mounts provide a 2.75 inch flange fitting for connection to user vacuum systems (see Components Pages).

Our standard mirror sizes are:

Diameter: 0.8 inch (2.032 cm)
Thickness: 0.25 inch (0.635 cm)
HR Radius of Curvature: 6 meter
Reflectivity (typical): 99.99% - 99.997%
HR bandwidth (typical): 12%


Diameter: 1.0 inch (2.54 cm)
Thickness: 0.25 inch (0.635 cm)
HR Radius of Curvature: 1meter
Reflectivity (typical): 99.99% - 99.997%
HR bandwidth (typical): 12%

Material UV grade fused silica
Surface Flatness S1 (coated) Lambda/10 PV at 632.8 nm at 632 nm
Clear Aperture =central 80% of diameter
Surface Quality (coated) 20-10 scratch-dig
Diameter Tolerance ±0.25 mm
Thickness 6.35 mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.25 mm
S2 Surface Commercial Polish
Wedge <3 arc min
Durability Per MIL-PRF-13820B

Cleaning Non-abrasive method, acetone or isopropyl alcohol on lens tissue recommended

Damage Threshold: 1J/cm2 at 20ns,20Hz at 355 nm and 532 nm

These parameters allow for the construction of Cavity Ringdown sample cavities which are easy to align and use for both pulsed light source operation as well as continuous laser injection. Custom designs can also be accommodated. Current stock of mirrors includes those listed on the mirror pages. Contact our sales office at: for availability and price.

For sales in Japan contact our rep: Turbo-Optechs, Inc.