Cavity-Ringdown Mounts

CRD Optics offers a selection of mirror mounts for use in cavity-ringdown spectroscopy. These mirror mounts are designed to attach to standard vacuum hardware via a 2.75� Conflat flange. The CRD mirror is held within the mount against a large-diameter o-ring, which permits angular adjustment of the mirror while maintaining a gas seal. A brass backing ring fits onto the back surface of the mirror, and provides a contact point for the ball tips of the three alignment screws (80 TPI). The mounts are available in two versions�one accepts 0.8�- (2-cm-) diameter mirrors, and the other accepts 1.0�- (2.54-cm-) diameter mirrors.

Purgeable versions have a ¹â��â��â�³ diameter tube welded into the flange, which permits purge gas to be admitted to the mount via a small hole directly in front of the mirror surface. (The purgeable mounts are typically used in applications with aerosol laden flows)

Quartz-coated versions are also available for use with our quartz-coated sample cells.

Optional piezo-driven micrometers enable CW CRD operation. The piezo actuators provide 4 mm of coarse travel via a 100 TPI lead screw, and 15 microns of piezo-electric travel (0-150 V).

ItemPriceModel Number
0.8� Standard Mirror Mounts $1040 per set of 2902-0008
1� Standard Mirror Mounts $1040 per set of 2902-0010
0.8� Purgeable Mirror Mounts $1500 per set of 2902-8008
1.0� Purgeable Mirror Mounts $1500 per set of 2902-8010
0.8� Quartz-Coated Mirror Mounts $1220 per set of 2902-9008
1� Quartz-Coated Mirror Mounts $1220 per set of 2902-9010

Options: Piezo Driven Actuators Model Number: 902-0001
Prices starting from $650 per actuator (up to three per mount)